Sponsored Advertising

Reach your targeted audience and generate leads with Lilypads and team up with people who are ready to do business with you and can be a part of your network

What you can do with Sponsored Content

Gain visibility in the Lilypads feed

Engage your target audience right in the Lilypads feed without disrupting their experience

Do it all

Whether you want to source a deal or attract LPs, Lilypads Sponsored Content enables you to accomplish it all

Utilise insight for growth

Measure the impact of your campaign and gain insight into your target audience

Types of sponsored content

Sponsored content has evolved with the digital landscape and has branched into new modes to reach the audience in more relatable ways

What you can do with Sponsored Content

What you can do with Sponsored Content

Create a Lilypads Page

Publish and share daily content related to your real estate operations on your Lilypads page and get featured on your followers' feed

Promote your content

Use sponsored content and direct sponsored messaging to hit the bull's eye on your marketing objectives

Evaluate and Optimize

Evaluate the impact of your marketing campaign with actionable engagement metrics that further help in optimizing your ads with increased relevance

What you can do with Sponsored Messaging

Personalize your marketing

Connect directly with your target recipients through one-on-one Lilypads messaging, when they are most actively engaged on the Lilypads platform

Use quality prominent messages

Curate highly interactive messages with compelling call-to-action and attractive offerings that appeal to the recipient's needs and allow you to stand out

Expedite your lead channel

Accelerate your website traffic and churn more leads with highly personalized communications

We offer two effective formats of Sponsored Messaging

Use the Lilypads Messaging marketing strategy for unparalleled engagements and higher conversion rates than traditional email marketing

Your roadmap to Sponsored Messaging

Pick your sender

Start with selecting your sender -- the investor, Sponsor, or the lead Credit Partner who serves as the dynamic face of your real estate operations

Choose your ad format

Select between the Message Ad campaign with a single CTA and a Lead Gen Form or the Conversation Ad format with multiple CTAs to several of your landing pages

Revamp messages using invaluable insights in Advertising Manager

Assess the performance of your Ad campaigns and optimise it further using intelligent insight in audience demographics and engagement metrics