Reporting and Analytics

Get real-time insights and data on your campaign performance from high-quality reporting and analytics by Lilypads

Lilypads Insight Tag

The Lilypads Insight Tag is a piece of code that tracks ad visitors and enables you to optimise your Ads to retarget these audiences

Amp up your Lilypads marketing strategies

The Lilypads Insight Tag helps you to measure the impact of your Lilypads Ad Campaigns and learn more about your audience

Track conversions and optimise your campaigns with greater accuracy

Our Insight Tag enables you to combine website conversion goals with the analytics for your Lilypads Ads. So, Lilypads automatically curates robust marketing campaigns to boost your conversion rates even further

Accelerate your lead pipeline through audience retargeting

With The Lilypads Insight Tag, you can set up retargeting campaigns for prospective ad visitors by utilising your brand awareness and familiarity

Learn more about your Ad visitors and prospects

Get an exclusive sneak peek into pertinent professional specs and demographics of your Ad visitors s with the Lilypads Insight Tag and optimise your marketing strategies accordingly to increase engagement rates

The starting guide for Inisght Tags

Install the tag myself

Do it yourself:It’s simple and easy. Paste the Insight Tag code from Campaign Manager in your website’s global footer. Adding the tag to the footer will let you track conversions or retarget on any page across your whole site

Do it with my team:You can also instruct one of your Team members to install the Insight tag on the website

Install with a tag manager

Tag managers to help you manage and edit all your tags without editing code. Lilypads Insight Tag can be installed with many tag managers, including Google, Tealium and Adobe

Go to your Campaign Manager, under Account Assets → Insight Tag You can do that in two ways: