Advertising Manager

Whether your goal is Crowdfunding, launching a Property Syndicate or investing in commercial real estate deals- Lilypads Advertising Manager simplifies it all

Captivate your target audience in the Lilypads feed with simple and effective video ads

Conversation Ads

Message Ads

Video Ads

Text Ads

Carousel Ads

Dynamic Ads

01. Conversation Ads

Conversation Ads in Lilypads Advertising Manager helps create a layered messaging narrative with multiple CTAs

Strengthen audience engagement

Conversation ads are characterized by multiple CTAs that direct a recipient to specific landing pages for partnerships, investments, pledging, and so on

Add value to conversations

Maximize user experience in one attractive ad format through automated qualifying questions and Lead Gen forms

Combine your campaign objectives with your audience intentions

Gain a better understanding of your target audience with a detailed and accurate report of CTRs on each ad that you display

02. Message Ads

Message ads enable you to send direct messages to your recipients with a single CTA button

Deliver a targeted message with a single CTA

Message ads enable you to send direct messages to your recipients with a single CTA button

Boost your engagement rates better than traditional emails

You can micro-target your prospects and tailor your messages according to your recipient profile

Assess the impact of your messages

Utilize demographic reporting to understand the volume of clicks your ads are attracting by real estate professionals

03. Video Ads

Curate eye-catching video Ad campaigns that grow brand awareness

Reach out to a wider base of audience at once

Incorporating impactful audio and visuals in your Video Ads that captivate the audience on the Lilypads feed on desktop and mobile

Create long-lasting relationships with professionals

Video Ads could authenticate your operations and invite a loyal client base towards your brand

Check the overall impression of your video campaigns

Utilize analytics and performance metrics in Lilypads Advertising Manager to identify the professionals who are engaging with your ad the most

04. Text Ads

Create simple and powerful Text Ad campaigns with an eye-catching headline and Ad description

Engage with the right audience

With Text Ads, you can reach out to the most useful audience and redirect them to your website or landing page

Accelerate lead generation

Optimize your Text Ads Campaigns to generate quality leads and accomplish your marketing targets

Pay per click or per-impression

Set your budgets for Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPI) without any long-term commitment

05. Carousel Ads

Narrate and convey your real estate business objective through a swipeable series of cards

Make your campaigns aesthetically interesting

Engage audience with an integrated as well as captivating storyline that conveys your objective

Carousel Ads are interactive

Besides being visually appealing, Carousel Ads convey key information about the portfolio of your offerings at once

Measure engagement rates in your Ads

The Lilypads Advertising Manager helps you in evaluating the impact your Carousel Ad campaigns are creating and how real estate professionals are engaging with them

06. DynamicAds

Micro-tailor your campaigns with Dynamic Ads that is built on inherent personalizations

Personalize audience experience

Include the real estate professionals' Lilypads profile data, their roles, their syndicate names, and more

Launch individualized automated campaigns

Lilypads Advertising Manager enables you to create more individualised and automated Dynamic Ads at scale

Fine-tune your ads to align with your audiences' sentiment

Optimize your Dynamic Ads to correlate directly to the preferences and activities of low-funnel real estate professionals on Lilypads

Your audience is on Lilypads

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