Understand your audience better

Unlock invaluable information about your target audience with Lilypads Website Demographics that allow you to segment your traffic by profile targeting parameters

Optimize your campaigns

Customise your deals and offerings according to your audience's preferences and focus on top performing audience segments

Reach your ideal prospects

Build prospecting campaigns that target the right people who can become ideal, qualified leads

Get insights into your ideal audiences using Website Demographics

How to get started with Website Demographics

The Lilypads Website Demographics help you to effectively communicate with niche players in the commercial real estate market. Leverage visitor demographics like location, age, job function, and so on to improve your marketing strategy

Company Targeting

Reach your target retail investors, Lenders, REITs, Syndicates, Asset management companies and more within the Lilypads network

Run account-based marketing (ABM)

Churn out qualified leads among the ever-growing network of real estate professionals on the Lilypads platform

Target by professional demographics

Reach out to the primary decision-makers according to their professional demographics like title, managerial seniority, experience, and so on

Boost conversions

Add value to their experience through end-to-end guidance and increase your conversions

How do you start with
Company Targeting?

Base your Company targeting on alternative datasets like firmographics and an entity’s overall operation patterns and integrity

Prepare your list of real estate orgaanizations

Format the list as a single column that comprises one real estate entity in separate rows with their names, website, location, stock symbol, size, growth trends, revenue, and so on. Save your list as a CSV file

Upload your list

Set-up Company targeting for your Lilypads Ads

Lilypads Audience

The Lilypads Audience Network protects the integrity and safety of your brand

When you advertise your campaigns with Lilypads, you are engaging in brand-safe placements. The Lilypads Audience Network ensures that your brand is upheld in supreme safety standards and it is protected from fraud and objectionable content on site 

Start with the Lilypads
Audience Network

Reach the ever-growing library of commercial real estate professionals across multiple touchpoints