Assess how effective your Ad campaigns are in influencing real estate professionals on the Lilypads feed and optimize them further for better results

Connect ads to conversions, including those who just view your ad

Get the most out of your campaigns with automated tools

Derive insights for better optimizations with easy-to-use analytics

Track your conversions
with 3 easy steps

In Campaign Manager, click Conversions under the Account Assets dropdown to get started

Add the Lilypads Insight Tag to your website

The Lilypads Insight Tag is a Javascript code that tracks conversions as potential leads to click on your Ads on the Lilypads Ad and is redirected to your website

Tell us what you want to track

You can create a conversion trigger and the Insight Tag will count that as a conversion like when they submit their entity information for setting up a SPV

Add your conversion action to your campaign

Once you add an action, you can start recording conversions from that campaign. You can add as many actions as you like to each campaign.

Contact Targeting

Securely upload or import your list of contacts or email addresses to be the target audience for your Ad campaigns

Build a customized audience

Match your ad targeting with prospects from your email addresses and contacts or connect to your content management platform

Display relevant content

Investors with a large compilation of contacts can convert prospects and retain investors within your network

Boost more conversions

Guide your contacts as they begin their partnerships with you while boosting leads and conversions

Two ways to get started with Contact Targeting

Upload your email list

Format the list as a single column, inserting contact IDs such as email, first name, last name, and mobile IDs. You can upload up to 300,000 contacts.
Once you’re on the audience creation page in Campaign Manager, click on Create an audience and choose match based on contact IDs.
Upload your file, and click Next

Connect your data integration partner

Set up an integration with our supported partners. Follow step-by-step instructions to connect your contact management platform. Your lists will automatically populate on your Uploaded list menu


Promote your best real estate projects and deals to engage your target audience on the Lilypads feed

Get started with

Stand out among the crowd with your retargeted ads on the Lilypads feed

Create audiences to retarget

From the account assets tab, click on Matched Audiences and Create an audience. You can choose to retarget by website, video ads, Lead Gen Forms or soon a Lilypads Event

Let your audience build

Your audience will take up to 48 hours to build and will continue to grow as more Lilypads members visit your site or engage with your ads. Once your audience is built, you can add it to a campaign using any of our ad formats

Add the Lilypads insight tag

The Lilypads Insight Tag can be used to help you track conversions, retarget, and get real-time insights on the professional traits and content preferences of your website visitors