Lilypads is the perfect investment management and portal solution for every real estate investor- here is why


In today’s fast-paced world, as a CRE investor, you need to make quick decisions, have instant access to information, and expect instantaneous closing of deals. This is where you can find Lilypads of great assistance.

By utilizing the right platform and tools, you will not only increase efficiency in operations but also increase profitability by multiple folds. All this while, you probably had difficulty performing research, collecting, and processing tons of information, as they require a great deal of time and effort. 

However, Lilypads provides a one-in-all platform that offers all the above facilities and more and helps you connect, invest, and provide multiple opportunities by discovering various commercial properties.  

Here are 7 detailed reasons why you should adopt Lilypads’ real estate investment management and portal solution platform for streamlining and boosting your real estate business.

  1. Asset Performance Monitoring

A real estate investor’s key task is keeping a regular tab on the performance of their asset, studying it, and making informed decisions to improve it. Lilypads’ investment management software can monitor several factors such as:

Investors can make better decisions based on the feedback from these key performance indicators. For example, these metrics can guide investors to decide on the right time to buy or sell a property. 

Previously these factors were calculated manually by browsing tons of data and paperwork. These methods have become obsolete as they take up a significant amount of time and effort. 

Lilypad’s customizable dashboard does all the heavy lifting for you by calculating and benchmarking the metrics. Thereby, giving you a detailed view of the performance of your investment asset. 

  1. Keeping Up With The Latest Technology

Next-generation technologies like Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms are a revolutionary game-changer in the real estate industry.  AI and Big Data can improve data analytics immensely. 

By studying your portfolio and analyzing external factors like market trends, reports, activities on social media, and others, Lilypads’ management software can process data much faster.

Some common applications of Data Analytics in the real estate market are:

With Lilypads’ AI-based software, you can make data-driven investment decisions, unlock opportunities, and streamline your investment evaluation process. 

Lilypads also offers fractional ownership via blockchain technology, where investors can buy shares or stakes in real estate assets. This yields you a passive income while eliminating laborious tasks like lease agreements, rent collection, and property maintenance. As a result, it makes investing in real estate much simpler and more convenient. 

  1. Enhanced Transparency And Data Access

A real estate investment generally requires unearthing tons of data. In traditional real estate, data was lost either in massive paperwork or thousands of files and spreadsheets. To access any particular data you would have to browse through these multiple files. It was anything but a laborious and annoying task.  

The right property management software also allows you to generate insightful reports along with automatic data updates. 

Moreover, with a centralized dashboard and real estate management software, you get easy and transparent access to data instantly. You can also analyze and manage property data while eliminating the risks of human error. 

Lilypad’s dashboard allows investors and sponsors to track and manage their portfolios across multiple projects with ease and efficiency. 

  1. Automation Is The Key 

Automation has disrupted the entire real estate industry from the generation of financial documentation to making real estate operations seamless. 

Before investing, you must do proper due diligence and collect data. Automating the whole process using tools like Big Data and AI can save you crucial time which can be better utilized for generating leads.

Moreover, if you have invested in several rental properties, then managing every single one of them can be a mind-baffling task. From collecting rent to paying taxes and insurance, you have to make sure everything is in order and on time.

Lilypads’ AI-based platform helps investors to analyze vast amounts of complex data with ease.

For example, our Machine Learning algorithms automate property searching based on your preferences and previous activities. It can also help in providing valuable insights about necessary property maintenance and operations that will help you grow your portfolio.     

  1. Diversification Of Portfolios 

There is a saying in the real estate community, not to put all eggs in one basket.  Generally, investors sometimes end up investing in the same type of asset by getting drawn to the high returns. However, it leaves you open to high risks.

This is where diversifying your portfolio helps. 

The main objective of real estate diversification is to lower the risk level and make real estate investment profitable. 

The diversification of your real estate portfolio can protect your investments in many ways such as:

Lilypad’s integrated private placement market allows you to diversify your portfolio by investing in a wide range of commercial properties. 

  1. Ensuring Data Security

While taking advantage of next-generation technology and improving business may sound nice. But adopting the latest technology also brings its own set of challenges i.e data theft due to lack of improved security.

Lilypad’s cloud-based platform ensures that your data is safe and secure. Furthermore, the blockchain-based platform makes transactions and property ownership even more secure with its unalterable data and record of transactions.

  1. Frequent Updates And Effective Communication

Having effective communication with investors and letting them know about the latest update in the marketplace lets your business grow.  

Lilypad’s online marketplace is constantly updated with the latest market news, trends, new investment-grade properties, and resources. In addition to that, Lilypads also provides its investors with well-designed campaign emails and market reports, and insights to keep them updated. 

Moreover, Lilypad’s community comprises highly experienced professional investors sharing knowledgeable experience to achieve their financial goals.


Besides providing you with a clear overview and more control over their portfolios, Lilypads gives you access to top-notch commercial real estate deals across the country and early access to valuable investment opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities by joining our waitlist now: